Building Updates

Primary Contact

Chad Davis, CPA|CGMA|PHR

Vice President, Finance & Administration

478-552-2577 ext. 817

Our Piece of History Through the Years



1970's - Current



Our Temporary Office

Thanks to Wiley Home Center in Sandersville, Ga, Washington EMC has a temporary home for customer service and administration staff while we update our headquarters office. This temporary office will ensure Washington EMC is business as usual while construction happens next door. Please stop by for any customer service needs you may have. The only change will be there is no payment drop box available at our Sandersville office duringconstruction. Please pay by phone, internet or mobile app if you cannot make it inside.


The Architect 

For more information: Carter Watkins Website

For decades, local government agencies, schools and more have relied on Carter Watkins Associates Architects, Inc. for custom design and planning services. Whether they're restoring a beloved cultural monument or building something entirely new, their clients know they can count on them to be there during every phase, from beginning to end.

Their extensive experience with historic preservation has earned them numerous awards. As a result, they were selected to oversee the restoration of "Her Majesty," the Historic 1881 Hancock County Courthouse in Sparta, Georgia. Designed by the Atlanta-based firm Parkins and Bruce, this building is a nationally significant structure and considered to be one of Mr. Bruce's finest works. They are familiar with Washington County as they have completed projects in recent years with the County. This will help them tie in our piece of history with the rest of the historic downtown.

The Process

The Board of Directors and staff will work with Carter Watkins to ensure the our office is updated to better serve you, our member, while still preserving the historic downtown look and feel. We will be sending the project bidding documents to 4 general contractors, which we will announce once the documents have been sent. There will be an FTP site for sub-contractors to contact and submit quotes to the general contractors in order to be included in the bidding and selection process. When this site is ready and available, we will publish it for our qualified members and local companies to use. Please check this site for progress updates and regular photo updates.


Preliminary Construction Phase

Carter Watkins is completing all engineered drawings. To assist in this step, we have contracted with MMI, headquartered in Uvalda, Ga, through a bidding process, to demolish select parts of the building and property in order to get a better picture of the existing structure. You will see this work being done towards the end of January and continue in February. If you have any questions, please contact Chad Davis at the information provided above.


Bidding Phase

Washington EMC is accepting General Contractor bids from four select contractors for the Headquarters Building renovation and Campus improvements.  The General Contractors are  Dublin Construction, Dyer Construction, MMI Construction,  and Spratlin Construction.  Sub-contractors, who wish to provide bids to the four General Contractors, can obtain the bid documents by sending a request for FTP site access to  All sub-contractor bids are to be presented to the General Contractors for consideration.  All questions are to be directed to

Construction Phase

Washington EMC is proud to announce that MMI from Uvalda, Georgia has been selected as the main contractor for our campus project. They have an extensive body of work involving remodeling historical buildings in our area. The main office is projected to be under construction for approximately 1 year.

Remaining Demolition

MMI began the remaining structural demolition on the building in Mid-April 2020. This phase has been bitter-sweet seeing the remaining demolition done on our building, but also begin to see what the future will look like. This phase is approximately 90% complete.

New Construction

The construction on our campus will be done in phases, beginning with the main office. There will also be a remodel of the old Wilson Electric building and a truck wash shed. Over the years, our fleet has outgrown our current grounds, so we will be remodeling and reconfiguring to accommodate that growth. We can assure you that when our remodel project is done, there will not be an unused space on our campus. Please check the album below for progress of our construction. We are excited about what the future holds and can't wait to share it with all of our members!

Pictures of Progress