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Right of Way

Washington EMC is required to keep trees trimmed to a safe distance from high-voltage power lines. The co-op’s specially trained right-of-way technicians can safely do this work while making every effort to keep trees healthy. It is unsafe for anyone other than qualified tree trimmers to work near power lines.

Tree Trimming 

Washington EMC is committed to preventing trees from contacting power lines. All lines are routinely inspected for encroaching tree growth and trees are trimmed on a five-year trim cycle so that 20% of our system is trimmed each year. Washington EMC’s right-of-way technicians take care to clear the system’s electric lines of vegetation that could compromise the lines if limbs or trees fall due to disease, decay or storm damage.

Washington EMC crews typically trim a circuit or group of circuits, not necessarily following a specific street

or neighborhood. The right-of-way supervisor determines the extent of trimming needed.

Washington EMC takes great care to protect landowners’ property when performing scheduled right-of-way maintenance. After trimming areas such as well kept yards and lawns around homes, businesses and church property, the crew may chip the plant material and remove it, or leave it for your use as mulch.

Larger pieces may also be left for your use as firewood.

Limbs, trees and debris are also generally cleared from areas such as maintained residential, commercial and church yard property. However, such trees and trimmings usually are left to natural deterioration in less immediate and wooded locations.

Tree Trimming Chart Washington EMC


Washington EMC customers can help avoid problems with trees by selecting trees and planting locations with power lines in mind. Never plant trees nearer than 25 feet away from the nearest lines. Mature trees larger than 40 feet in height or width should be planted at least 60 feet away.

Underground Transformer Cabinet Help Graphic

Underground Transformers

In Georgia, Always call 811Call Before You Dig!

No plantings or structures are to be located within 10 feet of any underground transformer cabinet door opening, and no plantings or structures are to be located within 5 feet from any side of the underground transformer cabinet. , always call for landscaping or any project that may require digging that could damage underground utility lines. All utility lines will be clearly marked for you. More information is available at Georgia 811 .

If you have concerns about Washington EMC tree trimming, please e-mail us at Customer Concerns.

or call us at (478) 552-2577.

For a downloadable copy of this information, click Right of Way.

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