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Residential Surge Protection


We can help protect your valuable appliances and electronics with TESCO Surge Suppression.

Welcome to the world of quality power!

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Surge Protection… added protection for your home! Tesco “Whole-Home” Surge Protection Program available NOW exclusively from Washington EMC. A split second disturbance – otherwise known as a “spike” or “surge” – can bewilder or even totally destroy high-tech appliances including computers, TV’s, VCR’s, stereos, microwaves and more! The best way to protect these appliances is by using a quality surge suppressor.

Washington EMC wants to help you protect your investment in home Appliances. Let the new Tesco® surge protection service work for you.

The Tesco® “Whole-Home” surge protection service includes:

  • A Free test of your home’s grounding system to insure that a qualified* ground exists and that no deterioration has occurred through time and exposure to weather elements.
  • A power protection meter entrance device that is installed by our electrician to prevent catastrophic high-voltage electrical disturbances from entering your home.

Additional services include separate surge protection plug-in units available for purchase.