Ken Vickers

District 7

Ken Vickers and his pal, Mick, enjoy sitting in the shade of the front porch. “Mick loves to join with family members in the pool,” says Ken.

Growing up in Johnson County, Ken Vickers has fond memories of life in the country. “I remember waking up on cool, fall mornings to the smell of fireplaces burning in surrounding homes,” Ken says. “I have memories, too, of butchering hogs at my grandmother’s, salting the meat and rendering lard. Then, we would have homemade biscuits and syrup.”

After graduating from high school, Ken furthered his education at Georgia Southern University, where he received a bachelor’s of business administration in management. He continued his postgraduate studies at Kennesaw State University and became a certified professional banker.

Ken has honed his leadership skills through the years by his employment with Buckeye Industries, Anglo-American Clays, Northern Petrochemicals and BE&K Construction Co. He has also worked for Lovett and Vickers Tractor Co., Vickers Hardware and was the original franchise owner who opened Badcock Home Furnishings in Sandersville.

Ken also takes an active role in his community. He has twice served as president of the Wrightsville-Johnson County Chamber of Commerce, as a board member of the industrial development authority, chairman of the Johnson County Recreation Department, chairman of the high school booster club, as a member of the Johnson County School System Community Council, twice as president of the Touchdown Club and is a member of the Piney Mount Methodist Church. In 1996, Ken was named Johnson County Citizen of the Year, and in 1999, he was named Johnson County Father of the Year.

Ken served as the senior vice president of the Bank of Wrightsville until his retirement in 2015. “The Bank of Wrightsville is a rural Georgia bank, chartered in 1897, and has operated continuously since that date,” says Ken. “We always strived to accommodate the changing economic and technological environment, offering new services as they are needed. We had a friendly, knowledgeable staff always ready to meet your needs. We were committed to serving our community and our customers.”

Ken follows this same philosophy in his service with Washington EMC and its members. He has served on the Washington EMC board of directors since 1997. Ken says, “My goal is to provide the members with the most reliable service at the most affordable cost possible, while at the same time making sure those who work for the cooperative have a safe and stable company to provide them the best wages and benefits that are feasible. Washington EMC is a cooperative, and, by its very nature, puts people before profit.

“I have had the opportunity while with Washington EMC to be associated with some wonderfully dedicated workers,” says Ken. “While we sit at home, resting in comfort because of the services the workers provide, they are working out in the humid, summer heat after a thunderstorm, or in the middle of a cold winter night after a freezing ice storm. The office personnel get up and return to the office and become the support staff. All these people are the heart of the co-op, and they are the very best.

“When another MC has suffered a disaster, they are there to help. They volunteer for so many worthwhile causes and give back to the communities they serve—it’s truly the cooperative spirit,” says Ken.

In addition to his community activities, Ken enjoys high school and college football, fishing, youth baseball, building and repairing computers and spending time with his family and friends.

Ken has a Welsh Corgi named Mick that he had shipped to him from Oklahoma. “He is a very expressive and intelligent companion. He loves to trail game and herd other animals,” he says.