Mildred Jackson

District 5 

Member-director Mildred Jackson was elected to the Washington EMC board in February 1993. She has served as vice chair on the board since October 1998.

Growing up in the Georgia countryside, Mildred Jackson knows what life was like before electric cooperatives made the dream of electricity into a reality. “In my early childhood, I experienced the days of pre-electricity in my area of rural Georgia. I remember doing school work by the light of an oil-fired lamp,” recalls Mildred.

In the days before modern refrigeration, ice boxes kept meats, milk and vegetables cooled and fresh. “My parents purchased ice from the iceman in blocks of 25, 50 or 100 pounds,” says Mildred. Today’s refrigerators keep foods crisp and can deliver chilled water and ice with the touch of a button.

“I remember how excited I was when our home was first wired for electricity. We read the meter each month and mailed the meter reading to the cooperative to determine what our monthly bill would be,” says Mildred.

Many advancements have been made with the service provided to members. Automated meter reading is just one of the many technologies employed today to more efficiently collect electricity use data and help provide more cost-effective service to the membership.

Membership matters because you have a voice and a vote in how Washington EMC is operated. Members like you elect fellow members to represent your interest on the co-op’s board of directors.

“As a director, I feel my fundamental purpose is to serve the needs of the member-owners of our cooperative,” Mildred says. “This means that my role is to make decisions and take actions that will best serve the members of Washington EMC.”

Mildred was elected to the Washington EMC board of directors in February 1993. She served as the board’s vice chair from October 1998 until October 2013 when she was elected to chair the Board of Directors. She continues as chair to date.

Mildred holds a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and an education specialist degree. Her experience in education includes 11 years in the teaching field and 22 years in guidance and counseling at the high school level.

Youth leadership programs are important to the development of our future leaders. Washington EMC sponsors two high school juniors each year on a weeklong leadership experience to Washington, D.C. The cooperative also helps sponsor $1,000 scholarships through the Georgia EMC Walter Harrison Scholarship for deserving students higher education.

A member of the Washington County Retired Educators Association, Mildred is also a member of the Washington County Historical Society, the Washington County Community Concert Association, the Washington County Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club and serves as a board member of the Grantee Agency for Washington County Head Start.

An active lifestyle is important to overall wellness. “I enjoy reading, travel, church activities and bicycling,” says Mildred.